Learn how to choose shoes to dance salsa

To learn to move, do the new steps in the best way and maintain the necessary balance, you also need to know how to choose the best shoes to dance salsa.

Can I wear normal heels? In order for you to progress in the world of salsa, either to dance at a party or because you will participate in competitions, it is important that you identify some elements that will allow you to stand out on the dance floor.

The best shoes for salsa dancing

Salsa shoes are very similar to others for Latin ballroom dances, however, to choose the best model, you must take into account the following characteristics:

– Flexibility and support

When you dance salsa you must maintain a natural movement that you can only achieve if the shoe is flexible, but at the same time it has the ability to hold your heel and arch in a stable position, thus avoiding injuries.

For salsa you don’t need shoes as flexible as other ballroom dance shoes. Those made of leather or some synthetic material will offer you the ideal firmness you need, being superior to those made of fabric or canvas.

– Inner padding

Good salsa shoes should provide you with cushioning throughout the inside of the shoe and not just at its base, as it protects your feet from injury and absorbs the impacts that affect your hips, knees and ankles while you dance.

– A moderate but wide heel

When dancing salsa your weight is balanced throughout the foot, from the ball of the foot to your heel. Having a heel that is 1 to 2 inches (2 to 5 centimeters) allows easier movement, improves weight distribution, and slightly modifies your posture.

– Leather or suede sole

Salsa shoes should have a sole made of leather or suede, this allows you to turn and walk with ease.

The slickness of the leather on the sole can be a bit unstable for you at first, so some people add treads for a little more traction early on.

However, the traction it generates on the ground should not be too great, because your feet can be injured if you move your whole body but they remain fixed in the same position.

Suede is also ideal because it allows you to slide easily, but it wears out faster than leather, accumulates dirt and requires maintenance with a special brush.

Salsa dance shoes for women should have heels a little wider than a normal shoe, while in the case of men, a wedge model can be used that always keeps the foot in contact with the floor.

For gentlemen, it is also appropriate to use a salsa shoe with a Cuban heel or a standard model for ballroom dancing.

– Full and secure fit

The number of movements in different directions requires that a good salsa dance shoe have an optimal fit throughout the foot, especially in your heel.

For this reason it is recommended that salsa shoes have a fully closed heel, rather than just a back strap. Throughout the dance you should always be stable, safe and comfortable.