Hi! I’m Martha, the creator of this blog Heels Review. My biggest passion has always been dancing. That’s why I focus on posting about dance shoes of various kinds. I have created my favorite categories based on the dances I used to dance or currently dance as a hobby, such as salsa, bachata, zouk, high heels dance and exotic pole dance. I also post other high heels found online, I have called this category casual and this one is about heels that I would wear daily or for special occasions and events.

Do we sell shoes?

No. This page is not an online store. It is my personal blog about the shoes that I would buy because I like them and they seem interesting.

How do you know which published shoes will be right fit for me?

Above all, I look for and describe the shoes that I love. When buying them I always pay attention to the details if they are suitable for my feet. Please always but always check all the details within the links provided. Only you know the measurements of your own feet and you can see which shoes would be suitable for you. I can only help you by presenting my searches for shoes arranged in my favorite categories.

Do you participate in affiliate programs?

Some of the links may be affiliate links, that is, if someone buys through such a link I am able to pay for the maintenance of the webpage and monetize the blog. The best thing about affiliate links is that they do not change the price, the price of the item is the same whether it is an affiliate link or not.

Why don’t you write about all kind of dances ?

There are millions of types of dance. I dedicate this blog to what I know, to the dances that are my hobby.